Apex 898159002101 Bean Bag (Black)

Best price Apex 898159002101 Bean Bag (Black)

  • Lightweight Yet Stable Camera Support
  • Stabilizes Lenses Up to 800mm
  • 3/8-Inch-16 Stud for Ball Head / Gimbal Head
  • Perfect for Shooting from a Car Window
  • Removable Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Plate

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The Apex Bean Bag is truly a better mousetrap. Incorporating the most versatile and functional design to date, it addresses the mobile support needs of the photographer like no other on the market. To insure maximum durability the bag is made of tightly woven heavy-duty nylon pack cloth, sewn with high strength polyester thread. The bag will not leak regardless of filler material used. In short this is the bean bag you have been waiting for-satisfaction guaranteed! The unique design provides a stable platform for attaching your ball head or gimbal head, allowing you to track, pan, auto-focus, without the problems typically associated with bean bag use. Moreover, this versatile design negates the need to purchase a bulky and heavy to transport aluminum window mount. The large flat top provides a highly stable surface for lens support on its own, while also allowing the bag to be easily inverted for use on a car hood or the ground. The U shaped portion is covered in a high-tack material to insure the bag stays where it is positioned. The U shape also provides outstanding stabilization of equipment when the bag is inverted for hood or ground use. The versatile strap design allows the bean bag to be securely fastened to a vehicle door handle, rail, beam, etc. as well as offering an easy means of carry. The fill zipper is covered with a weather resistant flap, logically positioned in an easy to fill location. The attachment loop provides a convenient place to secure Apex Tripod Belt pouches and bags, as well as most others manufactures products. No more fumbling for additional items like converters, flash, extra batteries, flash cards. A large side pocket provides additional storage capacity for items.

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Apex 898159002101 Bean Bag (Black)