2″ Orion Hydrogen-Beta Nebula Eyepiece Filter

Affordable 2″ Orion Hydrogen-Beta Nebula Eyepiece Filter

  • An excellent eyepiece filter for viewing faint and elusive nebulas such as the Horsehead, California, and Cocoon Nebulas
  • Selective band-pass eyepiece filter transmits only the hydrogen-beta wavelength of light these faint nebulas emit
  • Allows you to observe celestial targets that are considered trophies of visual astronomy
  • Best used with a moderate to large aperture telescopes under clear, dark skies with good seeing conditions
  • The Orion Hydrogen Beta filter threaded to fit 2″ Orion eyepieces and telescope diagonal barrels

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Our Hydrogen-Beta Filter may be the only way to see the faint and elusive Horsehead, California, and Cocoon Nebulas. It blocks everything but the hydrogen-beta light these faint nebulas emit, providing the contrast needed for viewing. By isolating the hydrogen-beta spectral line centered at 486.1 nm in a 12nm band-pass and blocking other wavelengths, it effectively blackens the background sky, allowing the faint nebula to become clearly defined. It increases contrast even under dark skies so you can visually capture these prized targets. Use with a moderate to large aperture telescope under clear, dark viewing conditions. Threaded to fit 1.25″ and 2″ eyepieces and diagonals.

Low cost
2″ Orion Hydrogen-Beta Nebula Eyepiece Filter